Parking Lot Lighting solutions to reduce cost and provide a safer atmosphere

It’s always sad to read about incidents that arise due to poor parking lot lighting, shopping center lighting, or street lighting.

We’ve read too many stories about people being run over by cars due to poor parking lot lighting, or citizens having trouble seeing something as obvious as parking lot bumpers — causing them to trip and fall — due to poor parking lot lighting.

Not only can Profile Systems help create a solution to these issues that arise from your parking lot lights, shopping center lights, or street lights, but we can also reduce your energy costs at the exact same time.

We have two ways two save you money with our lighting management solutions.

One is due to our systems running off of longitude and latitude settings. This will give you the most accurate dusk and dawn times that actually update daily. This involves four circuits of control that allow you to break up your lighting schedule. This also reduces your “peak demand” — which is the second way our lighting management solution will save you money.

On a commercial electrical installation there most likely is a separate billing plan that you are paying on. A meter keeps track of the most power you ever need at any given moment. That becomes the “peak demand.”

What that means is how much electricity the utility has to make available to you even though you might only use it ten-minutes a month. Each time a new peak demand is hit it is factored on your monthly bill. You can reduce your peak demand by controlling how many things can simultaneously come on.

If you turn on half the parking lot lights then five minutes later you turn on the other half of the parking lot lights you haven’t hit the peak demand of trying to start all those lights at the same time. Peak demand is something that, if you can control it, it can be very valuable.

By implementing our lighting management solution, your business can reduce energy costs and provide a safer environment for your parking lot.