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P500 Key Features

Our P500 Series is the single source for energy management solutions for accurate, reliable, and cost-effective lighting control. This is the perfect energy management system for parking lot lighting, shopping center lighting, street lighting, or any lighting management solution that requires a 7-day repeating schedule.


Once you’ve programmed the system by entering your zip code — which internally sets latitude and longitude; your time zone, and daylight savings time options — the controllers in the P500 series never need to be reset.


There are no moving parts in the Profile P500, nothing on the unit will wear out or will need repairs. The system also saves operating parameters, which means lighting management schedules will not have to be reset in the event of a power loss.


The temperature compensated clock within the P500 series automatically adjust daily to the changes in daylight throughout the year. This gives you greater efficiency in controlling lighting costs due to prolonged bulb and ballast life and fewer maintenance calls. Just set it and forget it.

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