HVAC and Lighting Management solutions today to save for tomorrow

At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, many companies are touting their products that connect to the Internet. These new products are being labeled as part of the “Internet of Things” — an emerging network of chip-and sensor-equipped devices that communicate with one another to improve performance or deliver services.

According to a recent L.A. Times article, “For some products, the benefits of connectivity are obvious. Smart refrigerators, for example, can suggest recipes based on the food they’re chilling and create shopping lists for items that are depleted. As networking technology spreads to more mundane items, the appeal isn’t necessarily as apparent,” writes Jon Healey.

He continues by writing, “For instance, why put a communications chip in a light bulb?”

The article continues to explain how a company has created a new “smart light bulb” that communicates with a network to save cost.

Having a “smart light bulb” might be a great thing, but at Gamut Systems & Solutions we believe that we have made products that make our users smarter about HVAC and lighting management without the need to put chips inside light bulbs.

With a Gamut Systems & Solutions energy management solution you will lower your cost and maintenance with the ability to remotely diagnose issues. Gamut Systems & Solutions is also able to save money with preventative features.

For instance, our customers have instant freezer/cooler monitoring — which can be very valuable after a power failure. You’ll know what the temperature was at the time the power was restored to know whether or not there has been any food loss. It’s a pretty serious situation for people who work in these industries. Most people who have worked in a restaurant have known the heartache when it comes to throwing out food for fear of spoilage that may have occurred because of power failure.

Gamut Systems & Solutions has spent years creating these “smart” energy management solutions for HVAC and lighting management.

One of the biggest benefits of our HVAC control is our “occupied” and “unoccupied” set-points. Your occupied hours are set for when you’re going to have customers in your location. Your unoccupied set points will be after your customers and employees have left for the day.

Our P1900 products offer: seven-day programmability, event/holiday scheduling, and duct-probes installed at the closest point to the Roof Top Unit (RTU) to get the most accurate discharge temperature. Knowing the discharge temperature helps our customer support team troubleshoot and diagnose what issues might be happening before a technician is sent out to be on site.

Many of these newer companies are touting the “Internet of Things” and “Smart” products because they are new buzzwords to jump on the “green” bandwagon. Gamut Systems & Solutions has a history of creating actual energy management solutions, and not just creating buzz about the “next big thing” in technology.