Don’t overlook the implementation of an energy management solution

We came across an interesting article from that outlines why it’s important to not overlook the implementation of an energy management solution.

In this specific case, they talk about Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), but we believe it speaks to any type of energy management solution. We also believe that Gamut Systems & Solutions is the perfect solution to many of these issues they write about.

According to the article, “One of the most efficient methods of reducing energy consumption is a Building Energy Management System (BEMS), yet many organizations overlook BEMS in their energy efficiency plans because of the false belief that they are an expensive technology for big business that are complex and costly to specify, install, operate and maintain … The best systems will typically reduce consumption by 25% to deliver rapid payback on investment and reduce taxes on carbon emissions.”

The article continues to outline three flaws that most businesses run into when dealing with energy management solutions.

“The first classic flaw is inconsistent programming. It is often the case that no two control specialists will program a Building Energy Management System in exactly the way specified, or indeed to a similar standard — adding to the problems associated with ongoing support.

“This causes significant deviations in the way the hardware operates, which in turn can increase energy consumption. On complex installations where there are a multitude of energy sources requiring the passing of demands between them, the quality of the programming has to be absolutely first class to ensure that optimal control strategies are achieved.”

At Gamut Systems & Solutions, our solutions are “absolutely first class” and we have 24 hour a day and 365-day-a-year customer support to make sure that every single setting is professionally operated to help reduce your energy costs.

The article continues to outline the second flaw — “twitchy finger” syndrome.

“The second traditional flaw of Building Energy Management Systems is ‘twitchy finger’ syndrome, where various users adjust the settings and gradually erode the energy efficiency benefits. Tampering is widespread — caused by poor building design or comfort preferences, or simply the different temperature preferences between occupants or genders.”

“Twitchy finger” syndrome will not occur with a Gamut Systems & Solutions energy management solution. You will choose your set points to lockout thermostat adjustments — as well as creating nighttime and unoccupied setbacks of temperature. By using our centralized management system to gain control of your key assets will also help identify failing assets before critical levels are reached. You will also gain the ability to control all of your sites from any Internet connected device — in any market or region you do business in. Simply put, you have nothing to worry about it when it comes to your employees tampering with your settings.

The final problem according to the article is sometimes hidden.

“The third, and often hidden, problem of traditional Building Energy Management Systems” can be the inevitable issue of hardware and software deterioration … Failure to address problems means that the BEMS systems no longer serves the intended purpose and is relegated to serving as a glorified time clock to start/stop the energy systems — thus failing to deliver the original intention of energy and cost savings.”

Using our real-time web diagnostics also solves this problem. This improves preventative maintenance and reduces downtime of your operations. The reduction of kWh usage creates more efficient operating cycles of your equipment and will reduce the number of burnt-out light bulbs, compressor failures, and other equipment malfunctions.

With Gamut Systems & Solutions, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to implementing an energy management solution. We help save you money, save energy, and save on your investment.